ASP.Net Vulnerability

workaround fix:

what do you guys think? serious? potentially serious? glad you switched to LAMP?

I just asked a question, no hidden meaning or agenda. just trying to start a conversation… :wink:

forgive me if I made it sound otherwise.

You make it sound like my Linux/Unix servers never have vulnerabilities and are never attacked with said vulnerabilities. Almost every single day I’m defending my servers from attack. Every day I’m always constantly patching my servers. It doesn’t matter if you switch to LAMP or any other platform, there will be vulnerabilities and they will be used. What matters is finding them and fixing them before things get out of hand. Its not a question of finding them its a question of when.

BTW, I’m not talking about some shared sever space I rent. I have physical contact with my servers sitting in freezing cold datacenters.

You can use PHP on Windows you know (no need for LAMP). Though I’m hosted on Linux and use PHP and Python, so the bug doesn’t affect me. :slight_smile: