Hacked site?

Can you check on IE 6 and IE 7 and tell me if you see a whole paragraph of spam and links at the very top of this blog? I don’t see this with any other browser or in IE 5, or IE 8-10.

Of course it’s a Godaddy hosted site/blog.

Thanks so much.

It does not show up in IE9 BUT when I view source it is there so I would say you have a problem :eek:

Thanks. So strange it only shows in IE 6 and 7 so wasn’t sure. Thanks much!

I know hackers have been getting into sites more but have you noticed that it’s more with Godaddy? So far, that’s what I’ve noticed and a couple of other people.

From what I understand, as explained by a hosting admin friend of mine, if you’re on shared hosting and one of the other sites sharing the server has a XSS vulnerability (cross site scripting, usually involving ajax javascript), the hackers can get into the server root and hack any site on the server.

I’ve only witnessed it first-hand once and it was damned frustrating.