Ask to some site wordpress, joomla, vbb have security error?

Hi everyone, for my attend to research and make a demonstration for subject “Network Security” that I’m having learning at School, so I need some website type or make by wordpress, joomla, virtual mart or vbb that in progress have security error, or now it have a security error (anything of them !)? Who know site wordpress, joomla, virtual mart or vbb that have error, please to advise or give me, Thank you very much.

P/s: My ability of English is not good, please sympathetic for me :slight_smile:

Who known,plz help me

I don’t think you’ll receive many replies to your question.

Unless I’ve misunderstood you, you’re asking for examples of actual sites with security flaws. Is that correct? If so, I can’t imagine anybody would want to publicly admit that their site is flawed, or want to share the URL with you and any number of potential hackers, too.

If the original poster wants a script like Wordpress or Joomla with security vulnerabilities in it, they will have to find an older version with known vulnerabilities.

Yes,some people research about network security or white hat hacker or black hat hacker known, we may be or can share information for me, ok