How good are the article rewriting softwares?

I have around 100 articles for my site, which i have already posted on the major sites. one of my friend was telling me that, i can use any of the article rewriting softwares and turn those 100 into fresh 1000. has anybody used them?

The quality varies. I have yet to see anything that will “spin” human readable articles without a significant amount of work on the user’s part and you would be well advised to {review|analysis|another look|audit|check|checkup|drill|file|fresh look|inspection|march past|once-over|parade|procession|reassessment|recapitulation|reconsideration|reflection|report|rethink|retrospect|revision|scan|scrutiny|second look|second thought|survey|view} each article before posting.

Most of them use a thesaurus like approach and change words.

If you use the substitutions for “review” above you will see that some are ok, and some will work with search engines, but not people.

Better to do it yourself none I have tried, worked very well.

I have tried those software and when they rewrite the articles it makes a total mess. The articles end up making no sense.

Ethics is something to consider here too. How would you feel if you spent dozens of hours writing articles, and then someone comes along and “spins” them and doesn’t even give you credit?

Software that re-writes articles has yet to produce anything that comes close to human-made content. So the best piece of software is a human you can hire at the popular freelance sites.

You can get articles rewritten for as low as 2.50$, even lower if you go for lower quality rewritten articles. But you can also go way higher then that. Don’t know if you want to spend 2,500$ dollars to have your 100 articles rewritten 10 times.

If you’re going to promote your own business, then use quality. If I saw a crappy article that was clearly written by a piece of software and saw a link to your website. I’d link that crappy quality with your website and wouldn’t even bother visiting.

If however I saw an article that was clearly written by a human and is easy to read and informational. How an article should be, and I’d see a link to your website. I’d be more tempted to visit your website to see what more information you’ve got to offer me.

Just my thoughts on this,
if you really want to churn out thousands of articles of crap then be my guest.

or do your article marketing in tiny pieces, 10 -100 articles rewritten every month which is just 25 or 250 dollars a month, not a huge price if you ask me. And before the year is over you’ve got over a thousand articles (quality articles) out there deep-linking back to your own website. You’ll be glad you went for quality of quantity.


Well I already used many software when i was stated to write articles for my clients but i never successful because lot of grammatical error found when i rewrites content on those software so think it’s much better if we write down content our self.

I believe on hand written articles.

There is no substitute for human brain when it comes to writing articles. Never use article rewriting softwares; it may be good for bots but real humans never like it.

alyought hte articles become fresh
But it becomes a mess and no meaning but there remains no use of articles

That sounds completely immoral, and 100% wrong. To consider taking articles from other sites is basically saying that you don’t care to give your users 100% unique content and that you’re just in it for the money.

To be successful, you have to be completely honest with your customers/users. By doing something like rewriting quality articles to suit in your own site, is pretty far from being honest.

I’ve looked at several software programs for rewriting articles and have found all of them to be poor, in my opinion. They substitute words that often make no sense in the context of the article.

Even though I knew I would have to edit the articles they spit out, I thought the article spinning software might be a shortcut to make that job easier. Instead, I had to keep looking back at the original article because the article created by the spinner was so bad that I often could not decipher the original point that a sentence was trying to make!

If you would like to produce content for human readers, do it manually.

Nothing beats the brain for uniqueness. Rewriting software has no idea about contex.

I much prefer using my own brain in rewriting articles…
In that case, I can be sure that the sentences and paragraphs are really related…
The information and the point of the view of the article would be the same as well…

You can use article spinner.but is better if you write new unique content.

I never heard of it, is there any resources or article about that tool?

There is also software which will translate an article for example to french and then to german and then back to english again but they can vary from fair which needs some editing to total rubbish. Best to rewrite yourself or outsource.

I tried Power Article Rewriter based on some good reviews, but my computer doesn’t like it. Get an error and terminates the program.

Just downloaded Word Flood 2.0. I didn’t much care for the earlier version. I’ll give this one a spin. :shifty:

I have tried some article rewriting tools, just the trial versions, unfortunately, the quality of my articles really turned into a scratch as in the software changes the words for it synonyms inappropriately. Thus, when you read the article, it has no sense at all. :smiley:

I still suggest manual writing. . . we can’t rely on automated tools specially in putting together some ideas.