Article: The Pathway for New Rubyists

An excerpt from, by Kingsley Silas

One interesting fact about the Ruby ecosystem is its hyperactive nature. New updates, features, and tutorials spring up almost everyday. This makes the ecosystem interesting and fun, yet it could bring untold harm to new Ruby programmers. It is possible to get lost in the volatile nature of this interesting community without a sense of direction.

This is one article I wished had been written before I ventured into Ruby programming. I am writing this to help new Ruby programmers from encountering the challenges I faced by suggesting books, courses, blogs, and forums which, in my opinion, can be instrumental on their journey.


Learn Ruby The Hard Way

This is the book I started with first. It proved that the hard way is the better way! This is a no-nonsense book for new Rubyists. It makes you dedicate your time to really getting you hands dirty with Ruby through the exercises after each chapter. This is a perfect book for someone starting to learn Ruby. In fact, I would give it to someone who is just starting out. This is why it is the first book on my list.

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