Article: DOTA 2 on Rails: Digging Deeper

An excerpt from, by Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski

This article is the second in my “Dota 2 on Rails” series. In the first part we discussed what Dota is, how to connect to Steam API, what data it provides. The application in part 1 presents basic statistics for an authenticated user. The post gained a bit of interest as some readers
were even inspired to create their own Dota 2 statistics websites – that’s really great.

In this article we will continue working with the demo app, so if you wish to follow along, the starting code can be found on this branch. I will show you what other data can you fetch with dota gem, how to work with live and scheduled matches, how the gem operates, and how
testing is organized.

The final version of the code can be found on GitHub.

The working demo is accessible via the same link

Fetching Players’ Ability Upgrades

The dota gem, which we are going to use throughout this article, is gradually evolving – today
we are proud to announce a couple of new features. The first one is the support for fetching ability upgrades data.

What is an ability upgrade? As you remember, every player in Dota 2 controls their own hero which has a set of unique abilities (skills). As a hero is leveling up, they can learn new abilities or improve existing ones – that’s what an ability upgrade is. The cool thing is that the
Steam API presents an array for each player containing an ability id, time, and level when the ability was learned. How about using this data in our app?

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