Article: Composition in Creating a Report Builder

An excerpt from, by Vildan Softic

When learning about a new framework we often see trivial demos depicting the framework’s basic features, for example the well-known TodoMVC Application. And that’s great — I mean who doesn’t like Todo apps, right? Well today, we’re going to take a slightly different tack. We’re going to shun the generic and instead focus on one of the unique core features of the Aurelia framework: visual composition.

Aurelia, the new kid on the block, has already been introduced in a previous article, along with it’s capabilities of extending HTML. By the end of this article we should get a better understanding of how composition helps to assemble complex screens out of small resuable components. To do so we’re going to create a report builder app. You can find a demo of the app here and find the

What Is Visual Composition?

The basic idea of composition in computer science is to take small entities, in the case of object composition, simple objects/data types, and combine them into bigger and more complex ones. The same thing applies to function composition, where the result of one function is passed as the attribute to the next and so on. Visual composition shares this fundamental concept by allowing one to aggregate multiple distinct sub-views into a more complex view.

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