Article: Code-Free Scrolling Animations and Micro-Interactions with Webydo

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Webydo is a professional web-based application for designers who want to create and manage web and mobile sites for their clients, without writing code. We’ve written about Webydo before on SitePoint, but a lot has changed in the product since then. Last week, Webydo announced their new platform which includes an all-new interface, improved stability and performance, and all the tools needed to create fast and responsive websites. What’s more, Webydo’s website received a complete overhaul by Hello Monday, a world-renowned design agency.

I knew of Webydo long before I tried it out for myself because I follow their customer’s web experiments on Behance, but when I saw this Game Of Thrones -inspired website by Sarit Evrani – a well known Israeli digital artist – which tests the capabilities of Webydo’s parallax tools, I had to try it for myself.

Parallax scrolling is when a background (either the whole website body, or a specific section) is moving at a slower rate than the foreground elements, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. Despite a degree of backlash from critics regarding its user experience, it looks wonderful when executed correctly.

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