Array to string conversion problem

Hello ,

I have a database of trades

I want to filter them by weekdays

This is the form

I want to be able to filter trades made on momdays, Mondays and Wednesdays, or any combination of weekdays.

The $days variable which gets the days selection is an array.
var_dump($days) gives

array (size=3)* 
0 => string '0' *(length=1)* 
1 => string '2' *(length=1)*
 2 => string '4' *(length=1)*


n order to use the filter criteria until I chagge it I store it in a table

SQL tables can’t store arrays so I use implode to cange the array into a string
$weekdays = implode("",$days);

When I want to use it I use explode to turn the string to an array

$filter_criteria = get_user_filter_criteria($user_id);

foreach($filter_criteria as $xrow =>$xval)
  $start_date = $xval['start_date'];
  $end_date = $xval['end_date'];
  //$weekdays = $xval['weekdays'];
  $hour_start = $xval['hour_start'];
  $hour_end = $xval['hour_end'];
echo $xval['weekdays'];
 Insert days selected into $days array
   $days = explode($weekdays);

(All other filter criteria work well)
echo $xval[‘weekdays’]; gives 024

var_dump($days); gives
array (size=1) 0 => string ‘024’ (length=3)

But I get a notice array to string conversion in

$sql = "SELECT item, SUM(profit) AS profit, o_time
		        FROM data
				WHERE c_time BETWEEN :start_date AND :end_date 
			    AND TIME(`o_time`) BETWEEN :hour_start AND :hour_end
				AND WEEKDAY(`o_time`) IN ($days)
				GROUP BY item ";

in AND WEEKDAY(o_time) IN ($days)

why does it happen ? how do I fix it ?

well no, thats not what you said before.

Your code:

will not give you this result. It will generate an error because explode expects 2 parameters, and you’re only giving it one.

You’ve confused explode and str_split.

m_hutley, Thanks for the quick response. I did mixed it up. Thus is because I tried every possible sulution I found on the web before I posted here.

I ipploded selected days

$weekdays  = implode(" ",$days);
$days = $_POST['weekday'];

When I extracted it from the database I exploded it

echo $xval['weekdays'];
// Insert days selected into $days array
   $days = explode(" ",$xval['weekdays']);


I got

0 2 4

array (size=3)
0 => string  '0' *(length=1)
1 => string  '2' *(length=1)
2 => string  '4' *(length=1)*

Notice: Array to string conversion in C:\wamp\www\trade_analyzer_filter_NEWֹTABLESֹ\fetch.php on line 617

This is line 617
AND WEEKDAY(o_time) IN ($days)

I also tried str_split . whem I imploded selected days with no space between them
I tried echo json encode()

Nothing worked. Nada.

i’m… very confused by the first line of the code there. Are you reusing variable names? That’s dangerous.

So when you get to 617, $days is an array of 3 elements.
You want it to be a string, with commas inbetween the elements.
Implode the array.

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