Are there free forum program for PHP?

Are there free forum program for PHP?

Please help me to recommend a good and free forum program for PHP.

phpbb, versions of IPB, MyBB, SMF. Tons out there, those are the more popular ones.


Cups, is that just one you happen to know of? Or do you do a lot with it? I’m really interested in forum/message board systems and I downloaded it, seems to be a really nice system. Less bloated than it’s competitors.

Yes, I have used it and I really like the thinking behind it, that it is very stripped down and you add features as you feel you need them.

Integrated login with WP too (I understand), and v2 is built on MVC framework (“Garden”).

I think it this makes it a good candidate to add to any cms-like application you might be building.

It has been around for some time but they recently got funding to grow the project too, and are proposing a hosted (WP-like) solution.

For free on, phpBB is the most popular you should use I think. :slight_smile: