Aptana and ASP?


I’ve been using Aptana for sometime now and like it a lot. Usually I’d make PHP website, and I’ve had no trouble editing PHP, HTML, CSS files with Aptana. No problem.

Today though, I’ve had to start coding an ASP site, and to my surprise Aptana doesn’t seem to know what to do with a .asp file.

Do any other Aptana users out there know what to do?

I’ve been googling for a plug-in of some sort, but no luck so far.

Thanks for your feedback!

I’m not sure when Aptana was released initially, but I’m going to guess it was well after 2002 or so which was about when it was clear Microsoft was abandoning ASP and moving on to ASPX. Why would they want to support it?

You might be able to get syntax highlighting if you map .ASP to VB-flavored ASP.NET though.