App in VB.NET should be in C#

What exactly bothers you about VB.NET? Just that you do not know the language? If so, then it is very similar to C# in many ways, just a few syntax changes.

You could run the code through a syntax converter like or one of the other ones of the many converters out there. It might not convert it exactly correctly, but it should do a good enough job for you to understand what should be and work it from there.

Good luck

There are a lot of converters in the internet. I’ve good experience with
If you have experience in C is should be easily to understand.


You can mix VB and C# in the same project.

Indeed you can, you can even throw in the other .NET languages too for maximum confusion :smiley:

No but, as the others have said, you can use one of the converters (I’ve used the developerfusion one) but be prepared to go over the code and clean it / optimize it afterwards, as any converter is not likely to write excellent code. Yet anyway.

In the C# you can use the C Method and and you can create the functions and database like you do in the C Language and also you can use the online method on the internet to convert the code form C to C#.