Switching from C to .net

hi all!
I have been using C plus plus throughout my semester but now i want to switch to .Net but before i start i was wondering how different it is from C? and how much work i will have to do to master this? :confused:

Thanks once again. So sweet of you for providing with information.

The programming languages C#,C++, as said, are programming languages apart of the .NET Framwork. The Framework is a set of base-classes used by all languages to make life easier. ala jQuery for Javascript scripting. .NET is used for multiple purposes, for example, Web Pages, Desktop Apps, WPF, WCF, RIA (Silverlight RIA). The editor for .NET is Visual Studio (currently in VS2010) (SQL Server 2008 R2). C# apps can run on Linux, via Mono Project, although it is still 2 versions behind, but the project is still alive.

Think of the .NET Framework as an umbrella that multiple technologies will run under, including the sections above.

.NET isn’t a programming language, it’s a framework. You can use C++ in .NET.

oh okay! so i seriously have to know about it before going any further. well thanks anyway

As C++ is a programming language whereas .Net is a framework. It won’t take much time for you in mastering .Net as you have already covered oops concepts. All the best and welcome to .Net techologies.

.NET is a framework it’s not a programming language as C,C++,php and other but the fund is same as in other programming languages the function of OOPS is also used in .net to do hard coding.