Apache won't display images...!

This is weird. I"m running Apache on OSX, with PHP 4.3, mySQL too.
It seems that just recently, Apache won’t display images. For example, if i type:

I can’t see the image on the page (question mark instead)

Then I use file open in Safari, and navigate to the location of the same test.html file, and I can see the image.

What is going on here?

Clear the cache maybe? That’s the only thing I can think of off the of my head… Good luck!


Thanks Matt, I’ve certainly cleared the browser (safari) cache to no avail… Is that what you mean? Is there some Apache cache I can clear?

can you post the source of the page? is the image with relative or full path?

The uploaded version works (from my host’s server).
Here’s an example of the img tag that doesn’t work from localhost:
<img src=“images/benKermode.jpg”>

any ideas?

What happens if you request the image directly … http://localhost/images/benKermode.jpg

How about an absolute path? And a closing img tag?

<img src=“/images/benKermode.jpg”/>

Those are the only things I would just try for the heck of it.


It’s more likely to be a permissions thing on the images folder. If the apache user can’t read those files, then it can’t server them. You might still be able to see the images with a file->open because the user you run as has permission to read the files.

In short, check your permissions on the /images folder.


Thanks to Mr Chillijam, and all who responded.
Indeed it was permissions (Others had no access)
See you guys!