Anyone Use McAfee Secure?

looking into purchasing McAfee Secure for an eCommerce website.

Anyone have experience with this service?

was there any increase in sales after adding the mcafee seal to your site?

would you recommend the service? or say its not really worth it ?


There are many case studies showing lift from trust seals but I’ve never seen one comparing services against each other, except for TRUSTe which is a privacy policy and seems to be global enough to lift over all of them.

Ultimately it’s a function of volume. If you add a couple tenths of a point to a site selling a few thousand in merch it won’t break even. Do the same to a site selling a few million and it’s worth every penny.

My most recent tests were in 2010 and both sites it was added too saw results adding net over 3x cost [which was our breakeven test point.]

I think it is a positive attribute of adding the McAfee Secure in your site; but doesn’t really guarantee in sell increasing. Actually the fact is when you will add that criteria to your site visitors may consider it positively; but if you do not get appreciable visitors then sell will not be increased and McAfee does not gonna draw traffic for you.

yes.its works! From the statistics it found that , the conversions of the e commerce sites increase with security and trust. so adding MsAfee is added advantage for doing this