How to get "Hackersafe" Mcafee Secure for free

Ok guys. I might be missing something here. But I think I have found a way to get the Mcafee PCI compliance scan for free. Someone please tell me if I am missing something here.

So, I went to this site:

They have a link there that says “Sign up for Free Quarterly PCI Network Scan Offer”

Click on the link and it takes you to the Mcafee site.

Am I missing something here, or is it really free?(:

I think I also found a deal for a $99 scan for a full year for McAfee

Shame Mcafee is a rubbish antivirus product, it’s worse than Norton and that’s saying something :slight_smile:

This isn’t a Antivirus product though. Its a product that scans your website for PCI compliance.

I guess it depends on just how good a job it makes of doing the PCI compliance scan. I have heard of some of them detecting problems in some software where specific patches have been applied that actually make the software compliant - which leads to all sorts of problems with being able to prove that your hosting is actually compliant.

I think you’re asking about Hackersafe Trust Seals but I don’t think any software can give you full guarantee that your website is free from hacking, is a good example.

From what I’ve heard, Mcafee PCI scanning software is very good.


Guys this thread isn’t to discuss McAfee software but rather the Hacker Safe / Mcafee Security logo.

The hacker safe / mcafee logo is not free. It appears that there may have been an offer to try their scans on a periodic basis but that no longer exists. Furthermore a quarterly scan is not the same as the logo programs.

A free quarterly PCI compliance scan is not the same as rights to use the McAfee Secure seal. That starts at around $1500 a year I believe.

As far I know only the hackerguardian offers the free PCI security scans, have a look:

Allows merchants of all sizes to conduct five free vulnerability scans during a 90 day period - use as many as necessary to achieve the PCI standards.

it can be used for the testing purposes for free.

I used McAfee secure for a while but it costs way too much. I found however and they actually have a 90-day free trial, I highly reccomend them!

Did anyone else try this offer, looks like its still going?