Anyone know a proxy site without proxy in it?

All the proxy sites Ive tried to go to are blocked here at school.

Any suggestions/

ping the site and use the ip. :slight_smile:

Most blockers dont block ips.

Alot of sites use the word pruxy.

burn firefox on cd then manual proxy?

Thanks f or all the replies.
I kinda like the firefox one lol.
Could I run FF off a USB flash?

You sure can.

forgive my idiocy- how does one do that?

Open up a command window:

Start menu -> run -> cmd

type in: ping

didn’t work…it said ping is not recognized as a blah, blah, blah

I feel like I’ve done this before and it hasn’t worked. weird

Here is a way around that: Go to (it used to be and type the domain name into the “Whois Lookup” box. When the result appears, scroll down to the “Server Data” section and note the field titled “IP Address”.

You now have the IP result that the PING would have given you.

ahh. excellent

They only seem to have blocked the login script here at school for MySpace, but I still can’t get on even after pinging and going straight through the IP address.

And all the proxies here were blocked :S

there are loads, if you visit any proxy toplist you could make a whole list of them without the word proxy in, here are 2:

Portable Firefox…
Runs off of PHProxy :slight_smile:
If it doesn’t work, use or .biz