Anyone add a community forum section to their site?

Community forums are a valuable asset to any business; the trouble of course is making them work. Who’s attempted it? I’m thinking of starting my own forum section and fueling it with content from paid posters, my blog, and email promotions that require my subscribers to do something on the forum for some small discount for participation (not sure how well that will work, but I’m hopeful)

yes you right that forum can help to any business if they have Forum section on official website… They can get targeted and grass-root audience… there are many Free Forum templates are available which you can upload on your official website and start your won forum section. but it will take your time for maintaining and Admin whole forum…

What is the goal you are trying to accomplish with the Forum? If you’re looking for customer feedback and suggestion, then a forum community is a great way to generate buzz about your site. However it sounds like you’re wanting to use the forum for more of an advertising vehicle and for monetization purposes. Depending on your resources, it can be a time consuming tasks to stay on top of posts and replies.

I am really interested in the way this website is set up: The community is awesome. Is there a turnkey program for this?

I think forums are great for any company selling their products or services - it’s just one less formal way to communicate with your community which is what web is all about. Doubt it will work well with paid comments, and artificially engaged community.

It’s more of a bridge that would connect the people in your community. Yes, it could be viewed as a chance to become well-known in your industry and, at the same time, you’ll be able to build relationships which can help your business in the long run. Help in such a way that you’ll have data from them which you can use to improve your work.

i have tried forum in my website. It is no use, people in my country use only 1 forum (kaskus). I dont know about yours. I suggest you try that first. :slight_smile: