Any way to put a text shadow on a border?

I’m doing a horizontal navbar with a ul, and need separator lines between the links so i’m just putting a border-right after each li. Is there any way to apply a shadow of some sort to the borders, without having to make an actual graphic?

i was able to make a pretty good representation of what i needed with this:

box-shadow:1px 0 5px #000000;
padding:20px 1px 0;

still a bit wider than I want, does this sucker run on em’s too?? :smiley: thanks for the tip!

Check this out too. (FF only)

Not used it myself.

i did see mention of the box shadow but wasn’t sure that it could do what I wanted - can you somehow display just the right side of the “box” and then add a shadow to it?
it’s ok, text-shadow isn’t fully supported either… a little prize for my non-ie friends :wink:

There is, but it is [URL=“”]not supported by all browsers yet.

P.S. I am using box-shadow for a new site. All browsers should support it eventually.