Any Joomla experts?

i decided to take the plunge and experiment with Joomla (v.1.6) after having gotten my feet wet with Word Press.

My first project is fairly simple… I have created a menu-link (Category blog) to be the front page of the site. The problem is, it only displays the introtext to each of each story. The simplest solution would be not to put a “read more” tag in any of the articles, but that seems kind of clumsy … also I have coded a module which shows the into text for 3 articles in the site regardless of the category, so I need to be able to use the “read more” tag in any article.

I would have thought that this problem would be easily solved by creating a custom layout… changing <?php echo $this->item->introtext; ?> to <?php echo $this->item->text; ?> or adding <?php echo $this->item->fulltext; ?> in the new blog_item.php file…
The problem is I get a warning that neither “text” or introtext are properties of the item. ( googling about, this was the way it was done in J! 1.5)

Doing a var_dump … I see that the full content of the story does not seem to be present at all, just the introtext!? is there a way I alter the way this component(?) accesses the DB so that it gets the full text along with the intro text?

all advice is greatly appreciated

I have been able to work out a way to make this work after many days of reading code…

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Ps…had to register on the site to post this! Hope it helps you!

This document might be helpful: JDocument - Joomla! Documentation