How to get single post pages for joomla?

Like in wordpress we can have a post page (usually the home page) where we can see the loop of all the posts. And a single post page for each post. But I couldn’t do that in joomla.

I created posts, put them under blog category. They appear under the page [] but they don’t have individual posts. If I put the read “read more” tag in the article, I can see half of the post comes under [] and the rest on [] .

But when I remove the “read more” tag that individual page [] becomes unavailable. Any one knows how to solve this?

Im not really on Joomla (hate it) lol but as im a nice guy and it’s wordpress area i will answer :slight_smile:

  • The best easy way for joomla is using Extensions ! here is a Blog modules that you can use : Link

  • This is the Madness Way to add a blog in joomla :

From you admin panel go to :
content>>section manager>>new name it BlogSection and publish it
content>>section manager>>new name it BlogCategory and publish it
content>>Content by section>>BlogSection>>BlogSection Items>>new, name it, type something, assign it to BlogCategory and publish it

menu>>mainmenu>>new>>Blog - Content Category choose BlogCategory name it and publish it

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