Any idea about this new social networking site?

I received an e-mail from a social networking website named Twoo ([noparse][/noparse]) asking me to connect to a user. Their website shows that they have 10 million users. So, I thought it might be a valuable site fro me to join. Can anybody throw some light on the performance of the site with respect to business?

i viewed this site and it is like facebook from home page… i didn’t register here… but it seems a good site, because it has PR 6 but don’t have SSL Certificate…
whot will you do…??? is look like a facebook but its not having any of the features like facebook. is dating site like meet people, connect, get to know them. For seeing any other profile photos you have to upload three photos of yours and you can search the people who near by your place. If you want unlimited action you have to upgrade the premium account 12.99$ for month.

[FONT=verdana]If you can see a compelling reason to register - if it will give you some obvious benefit - then go ahead. Otherwise, why bother?


The site twoo is look like a twitter and right now its page rank is 6 in google. The page rank show that this site is popular and this site is 11 Years, 2 Months, 19 days. old

Twoo is a website to meet people on, mostly focused on dating. You cannot have a page to promote your company or whatsoever.
Do not bother registering if that is what you want.

( ) is basically a dating site where people can connect with others for sharing their views and ideas.It has millions of users in it.It can be used only as a social media site fore regular updates.

They’ve spammed me too. Nothing special, imo. Have no idea why those guys even bother creating some FB clone. Average FB clone, need to add…

Seems to be a spammy link. I wouldn’t even waste time opening these kinda links anymore.

I’ve been using social media sites in my marketing and promotion tasks for almost three years but I haven’t heard about It shows this site has a high PR which mean this is not a new site anymore, but how come only few people know about this site? hmmm…there’s something not right with this social site i think!

According to Web of Trust, it has pretty iffy ratings from people and the vast majority of comments condemn it as nothing but a spamfest. is a dating site and it won’t help in promoting your webpage. There is no need to register on this site if your purpose is to get more traffic to your webpage.