Any idea about auto forum poster?


i am new at sitepoint, i had some question and thought someone here might be able be shed some light.

few days ago i came across some information about an auto forum poster, it was something related to making auto post of forums we owe. i was in a hurry so didnt paid much attention, now i am wondering if it is a good or bad idea ??

i searched on google and found one auto forum poster for phpBB, so is there anything that could go wrong in this ? i mean, i looked at a sample forum and that one looks gr8, and there were google and msn bot online and the site appears in google serp as well ? is there any side effect to this ?

well since i find this thing new, so i thought i better dive in and get the juice :wink:

I’m not sure what you mean by “auto”. I suppose you could write a question ahead of time and schedule it to be posted later, but what would be the point? and you can’t really “auto-answer” anything that’s likely to be helpful. Would it really save much time or have some other benefit I’m not thinking of?

If it’s your own forum you’re most likely going to be spending time there anyway no?

And if it’s other forums you’re likely to get Banned.

no, its like, when we are starting out a new forum we need content for actual people to come and read our forums. and its hard for one single person (the admin) to do all that. so these some people made some script thing which runs on itself collects data from around the internet, turns it into unique content (they said they “spin” the text, what is that ?? )

this would be helpful cuz usually i see people making autoblogs, but now if i can make auto forums, i can get users emails and send them emails and stuff in that to make money.

btw, if you are wondering what am i referring to then try this autoforumposter . com site, they have a video explaining the concept.

Good to hear , its quiet amazed if something like this works in a larger scale

why you need auto poster. manual posting has more quality and worth than an auto tools.

I have tried Auto blogs but it posts duplicate contents and junk unreadable for any body visiting a blog and you as a admin have to spend all your time removing all this junk from your blog. This could happen also with Auto forums.

Two words: don’t use.

sure manual everything is better, but here i am talking about a network of forums, like we used to make a network of blogs,

apart from that, starting a forum is a tough task, you wont get visitors until you have some gr8 content, so this is useful for that imo.

I have tried Auto blogs but it posts duplicate contents and junk unreadable for any body visiting a blog and you as a admin have to spend all your time removing all this junk from your blog. This could happen also with Auto forums.

yeah, most autoblogs software were crap, but i have been trying this one, and i bought its addon aswell, it turns the content into unique, not posting any duplicates for me till now, check it out … i am using the auto forum poster software i mentioned in my past post…

Two words: don’t use.

you look a senior member here, would be please care to explain what could be the possible failures ? i mean that why i have posted this here, to know what cud possibly go wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

auto blogs were a great success and a great source of money for me at one time, now they are dying out, auto forums will also probably die some time, but since this is the beginning, i believe i can make good bank in the comming 2-3 years :slight_smile:


Well, there are a large number of reasons, both ethical, technical (and then ones that are both at the same time).

The biggest ethical reason not to is those scripts essentially -steal- content from other sites (most are full blown copyright infringement which you can be sued over depending on your location).

The biggest technical reason is because you will likely do the opposite of what you want (get higher ranks in the search engines) because Google and others will see the duplicate content and blacklist you (which means you won’t show up in their search engine, period).

Aside from that, most scripts that “spin” the text do a horrible job so it becomes highly unreadable and it wouldn’t ever generate you real people.

I recommend just building slowly and adding content as you can. Instead of building something that may make you a little money for six months, you can build something that makes you a good amount of money for many years to come.

Spam is not allowed on any forum (if it is moderated). Better hire some creative posters and pay them first time.

Auto-poster is a “black hat SEO” technique which search engines are starting to crack down. It is a careless way to generate backlinks and sacrifices quality for quantity, forum moderators immediately recognize these automated posts and removes them like a wart.