Any CMS that has plugin for Apple iphoto web interface?

For big images/photo gallery website, is it possible to have an iphoto website interface so that all images can be viewed like in iphoto with navigation buttons etc?
And also allow users to upload and download images easily to the site.
What is best CMS for big images/photo gallery website?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

There is a nice plugin that works with any CMS called SlideshowPro, which you might like to check out. I haven’t used it, but a lot of people I know rave about it.

I think most CMS’s these days have extensions to handle specialized photo gallery type functions. I’ve always found Joomla to have an amazing array of extensions for almost everything you can want. Check out the extensions gallery here for their image gallery extensions:

I’m sure you will find some good contenders that would suit your needs there. I would also have a look at for many different options, including straight javascript image galleries or Wordpress and Drupal galleries.