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i create sometimes youtube videos, they are very simple at moment, on the top of the page i have a logo, then below the logo some text and sometimes a picture under the text, you can see a example at the beginning of a video:

I was thinking now abouth a way to make it with animation, somethink like the logo come from anywhere and gets placed on his point then the text also comes from anywhere and same with the picture. Is there any free online tools where you can make it with? Or is it maybe possible with javascript if i upload my pictures to a javascript and let the script anymate them?

I could imagine that there are such thinks avaible, but i dont know where to search, how this technic is called.

I’m not sure that javascript is suitable for creating video animations, as it is more of a web technology for use directly in web pages, where css animation is now another option.
But for actual video, if that is what you intend to create there are open source animation packages freely available, for example there is Synfig Studio for 2D anims or Blender for 3D.

Thank you for your tipps, i will try them.
Today i did see a website which make this animations that i want, it is this website: but it cost little bit to much, 10 dollar per animation, so i hope i can find somethink simular for free or cheaper. Because i would need to make 3 - 5 such animations per video and that would be to much 30 - 50 Dollar, because i dont earn somethink for my videos.

There is a wordpress plugin called Animate It. You can explore that option.


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I have make now with javascript and css somethink, you can see it in my new video:


if somebody have tipps for me how to make it look nicer let me please know.

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