Android mobile for shutterbugs

android mobile for shutterbugs:

i dont know if i am at the right place, i see huge potential in android as os for present and future mobiles, i would like to know where i can post my ideas for mobile hardware design as i have a idea of a mobile in mind that i think would like to share to developers, if they would like it like to create such a phone…if anyone knows who to contact then please let me know via email or here…moderators, this is my first thread of my whole life so plz i expect u to be no hard in me instead helpful and guiding

or else if this is the right place then,i am posting here so that someone can repost this to the person who is in the area of the device development:

i’d like to suggest a mobile device preferably from android having a nice camera and a xenon flash
now you may be asking who will need phones with camera capabilities when any one can carry cameras,…well no one will wait to reach home and upload pics from cam to pc then upload to internet, so the need of the hour is a phone, that clicks clear pictures nicely especially in night and dark conditions and have image stabilization features…

as far as i know none of the android phones have such capabilities and i think if some mobile firm launches such device then it would be a big hit worldwide! currently pureveiw 808 and 920 both of nokia have this capability but 808 being run on symbian is nearly dead and 920 has windows, which is promising but it is costly as unlocked device, so now remains android which is freely available to most developers.

if any mobile device designers are here or if someone knows them, i’d like to hear their responses

again, this is my first thread ever so i expect people to be helpful and guiding. :slight_smile:

It’s inevitable that the convergence between compact cameras and phones will continue, you have cameras that can run android apps, and phones that now have both great screens and processing power. There are of course limitations that can’t readily be overcome ever in a mobile (body depth will only allow quite a small sensor and optics), but for the majority of people as you have pointed out, convenience and connectivity are more important. As the market for high end mobiles is extremely competitive, it’s inevitable that better photographic functionality will be tackled by the main players. Nokia are in a weak position in terms of sales, market share of higher end phones and profitability, so it wouldn’t surprise me that if in a year’s time they are broken up and their substantial IP including camera tech is then fought over by the dominant players.

Why nokia never choose Android OS for your their mobile?

I would think the best option for people who want to upload on the fly, is to get a digital camera running android