Best phone camera 2022

cant decide who to go with, always been an iphone user but i want to get more into photography and all i ever see is ads for google etc having way better camera quality.

In my opinion, if you want to get into photography, get a camera. I know phone cameras are pretty good now, but a decent digital SLR and a couple of good lenses will be better. Not as convenient, but that’s not the same thing.


Or have a look at bridge cameras, which are less bulky to carry and can still get great pictures. (And real cameras don’t interrupt your walk / photography sessions by ringing at inconvenient moments. wink)


Phone cameras can never ever replace good optical lenses which you can manually set the focus, depth etc. You can do so many great stuff with this if you are ready to have a hard and log learning process :slight_smile:

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They do a great sales job on these phone cameras don’t they? I was looking into the Samsung Galaxy S22 (I think 22?), which apparently had a superb camera.

It turned out that they came with two different chip version exynox and snapdragon. The snapdragon sold in the US and China was very good, the exynos version sold everywhere else was very poor. I read a lot of feedback on the Samsung community pages, from very upset customers with blurry and noisy photos.

I would say that if you are set on a camera phone, then read the manufacturer community page reviews.

Also another quite good thing to do is checkout some photo galleries like flickr, and do a search for the particular model you are interested in and see actual customers’ photos.

Obviously as others have said they are not going to compete with a real camera, but another major factor regardless is the person stood behind the lens. :slight_smile:


Indeed - the best camera in the world isn’t going to compensate for poor composition. The software might, though.

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If you still need help, sign up here and ask (do a search first):

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