And there was much rejoycing!


Internet Explorer 8 is currently the most widely used version of the browser.

Not according so some. IE11 is way ahead of 8 now.

Anyhow, what a gigantic (albeit predictable) mess. The longer I go, the less interest I have it catering to the ignorant masses that still turn to MS products.

WIth as many people as there are who currently (and will continue in the future) stick with older versions for whatever reason, this sounds (to me) an awful lot like when Microsoft first decided that they were going to deny security updates to pirated versions of Windows - which they quickly reversed when the rest of the world pointed out that such a move would allow open and hackable systems to flood the internet, making the fight against malware even more difficult than it already is.

Combine that with the more recent headlines of cyber-attacks (of which the recent theft of 1.2 billion names and over 1/2 billion email addresses by Russian hackers is all over the news), makes me think that Microsoft is just setting the stage for disaster.

Just MHO.

My impression is that mostly senior citizens (seems like everyone’s mom & dad) are the one stuck on ie8 or there about. It sucks that large companies still support it.

Microsoft is the stage for disaster.