How far back do you support browsers?

When it comes to supporting older browsers, how far back do you go?

I remember when IE6 was the edge case that the extra motivated tried to support.

In 2019, where do you draw the line?

I’d say IE11 is the new IE6…
It always depends on your target audience though, and a decision has to be made based on that. For example educational and governmental institutions take a really long time to update their computers so for them you’ll definitely need to support IE11… I doubt it would go further back these days


What is the latest version of IE?

How far back would you recommend for other browsers?



Any other browsers I should take into consideration?

I’m sure you can figure this one out.

Other browsers aren’t as cumbersome and they normally have automatic updates.

You’re welcome.

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I offer support for the latest two versions of all major browsers, as well as for IE 11. I then hook up an analytics package to the site which I revisit after six months to make sure that it’s not getting lots of hits from a browser I have not taken into account. This strategy has always worked well for me.

IE 11 (link).

Yeah. Lynx :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a good strategy!

Then why did @Andres_Vaquero say that “IE11 is the new IE6” and then end things on a snotty tone?

If IE11 is the latest version, then it sounds like he is not only wrong but maybe he needs to look things up? :slight_smile:

I asked what the latest version is because I thought that Iw as running IE11 and that was indeed the latest.

I’m sorry if I sounded snotty… Please take a read at this:

Apology accepted! :+1:

Fwiw, I asked what the latest version of IE is not because I am lazy but because I just updated my notebook and I was sure that I had IE 11.

You also ended one of your response with…

Since I never had a chance to respond or try to thank you, that is what hurt.

At any rate, I will look at the link you sent.

Based on that, maybe you meant to say, “IE8 (or IE9) are the new IE6”?

I agree that using outdated browsers is a bad idea, but then visitors to websites don’t always do the smartest things!

Personally, I avoid all Microsoft browsers for obvious reasons.

It sounds like @James_Hibbard’s suggestion is a good approach! :slight_smile:

No, because Microsoft has discontinued security updates for those browsers, including IE10, and supporting these might mean you’re putting your users at risk… hence no ‘new IE6’ for those as you should not actually be supporting them. IE11 should then be the new IE6 because it’s annoying to fix it and because you should not be supporting anything further back.

Edit: don’t forget too there is Edge, which is the latest browser by Microsoft. There won’t be an IE12


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I think you missed my reference…

In the past IE6 was known as a big delineation in Microsoft browsers - think “Before IE6” and “After IE6”.

And back then, web developers often spent half of their time re-designing their web pages just to support IE6 and it’s quirks.

So I was wondering if there was a “older” version of IE - in today’s terms - that might be a real pain to support and an edge case, and thus one where you might say, “I will only support IE browsers back to version ____, because beyond that they at too much of a pain to support - sort of like IE6 was.”

To be honest, even though much of the world is on Windows, I don’t feel a lot of responsibility to support IE.

That being said, I guess I will support IE11 and not worry too much about older versions of IE.

My message to visitors to my site will be, “Get a life, and get the latest version of Firefox, or don’t bitch!”


Good point.

Thanks! :wink:

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