Anchor Text question regarding length

If the anchor text I want to target for my site is a two word phrase, does it hurt me to have additional words around those two words? It wouldn’t make sense to a human if I just used the key phrase itself as anchor text. Yet I don’t want to dilute the phrase… Or does the anchor text length not matter as long as your key phrase is in it? (within reason of 3 or 4 extra words)

Use of anchor texts which are related to your content and you found them useful. In this case is not needed that you be worry about using of them as phrase or single keyword.

Might try that myself and see what happens

Yeah a great trick (along with targeting 2 - 3 word phrases) is to target for 1 word like ‘flats’ just as spanishnick mentioned. This does help you to make lots of combinations with that main word. I’ve tested this and it works.

In anchor text if you put a key-phrase, it is just a pointing node to the link. For search engine, i think it will break it in several key words. If you put such anchor text in blog comment, forum posting…the owner might think it as spam comment.

Anchor texts helps you in ranking in SERP. Target your “main Keywords or keyphrase” first no matter it is 3 or 4 words. Use them in anchor texts whereever you place your link. But you cant use it in blog commenting may be the blogger thinks it is too spamy. other than use your anchor text properl with your “targeted” keywords.

Ive seen some real estate companies just do one word anchor text like Flats

I presume thats so they can then target

Flats london, Flats New York etc

I’d say yes it does dilute it. If you want to rank for blue widgets don’t anchor with cheap blue widgets or free widgets that are blue, etc. You should really get anchors directly relating to the main effort, but any combination of the words help so it’s not a huge deal, plus you will rank for longtail kws.

It depends very much on the context. If the link is a short phrase within a paragraph (yeah, it isn’t really a link, it was just to illustrate the point) then you need to include enough text for people to notice as they’re scanning the text, but not so much that it distracts them from reading it. I would generally keep it short and to the relevant words only, although if you have an active verb (a ‘call to action’) adjacent then it may be worth including this as part of the link text - people sometimes respond better when there is an active verb than just a plain phrase.


In Anchor text using targeted keywords place an important role if it is 2-3 keyphases are are can use different keyphases (singular and plural)in achor text. it will give imporvement in keywords ranking factor.


With other identifying words around the key phrase, yes it will make sense. But the phrase by itself doesn’t say much. What I’m trying to determine is if anchor text is stronger if it’s shorter, i.e. not diluted by other words in the text.

Why is that? can you explain more?

If the key phrase doesn’t make sense as anchor text, does it make sense as a search phrase that you should target?