Anchor Text Flexibility -- Multiple Targeted Keywords in One?

I have a question for some of you guys who’ve been running sites and seo ’ n for a while. (please trolls, don’t hijack this thread)

How flexible do you think you can be with anchor text in order to target a few desired keywords with one small phrase?

Explanation of question: lets say my main goal is to optimize for stupid jerk , however, i think it would also be great to be optimized for stupid jerk mofo

if i focus on getting anchor text for stupid jerk mofo will it also optimize me for stupid jerk?..or should i just stick with stupid jerk for anchor text…since that is my main goal?

this scenario is assuming that i own stupidjerk.tld and on the main page i am highly optimized for stupid jerk mofo with headers and keyword density…and in this scenario “stupid jerk mofo” is a very competitive keyword phrase, almost as competitive as “stupid jerk”

interested in hearing some ideas :slight_smile:


Definitely YES. This type of link will be optimized for both keywords.

okay well i see a bit of confidence in the answers i was hoping for, however was hoping for a bit more knowledge. know one suggested whether i should actually focus on stupid jerk anchor text or stupid jerk mofo for the given scenario.

It’s not easy to find a specific anchor text flexibility topic like this via search engines.

It’s all about relevance. If your page uses the keyword phrase ‘one two three’ then it’s optimised for ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘one two’, ‘two three’, ‘three’ and ‘one three’, BUT, it’s not as relevant to those phrases as a page that focuses on just one of them, especially if the anchor text of IBLs only uses on of those phrases.

e.g. my page with ‘one two’ all over it and in the anchor text of IBLs is more relevant to that phrase than your page which uses ‘one two three’ on page and in IBLs anchor text. Most searchers don’t use search operators so their search will return any page using any or all of the keywords in any order and with anything in between them, it’s up to google to determine which are the more relevant and how would you do it if you were them?

So really it boils down to how specific your competition’s keyword phrases are.

Actually the secret behind getting ranking for all keywords is links and anchor text in links.