An update on our migration to Discourse

It’s been a few weeks since I posted an update on our migration, so it’s probably about time that I let you know where we’re at.

The forum staff have been working ridiculously hard learning their way around the new moderation systems and documenting our new processes.

We have an accessibility team working alongside them so that we can pinpoint any work that needs to be done in that regard.

Our back end team are working on a couple of plugins that we require before we launch. The main one is a tagging plugin, which will allow us to implement a single tier forum structure using tags to categorise topics, rather than the current multi-tier architecture. Once that is done they’ll be working on a couple of moderation plugins.

Our front end team are working on putting our reskin into a plugin so that we don’t compromise the codebase and end up in the kind of mess that we have here with vB, where it’s almost impossible to upgrade because we have so heavily hacked everything.

Team Discourse have been working on migrating our data and that is almost done. They need the tagging plugin implemented in order to finalise the migration.

And I’m working with the all of the above to make sure that things get done.

I don’t have an ETA just yet because there are so many irons in the fire, but I’ll continue to keep you in the loop.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.