Installing PHP locally on a Mac

I just bought a MacBook and need to get PHP, Apache, and MySQL running locally. On my PC I was using EasyPHP and that worked great. I’m not super “with it” on installing and setting up all of that stuff, so I’d like to get something rather comparable to EasyPHP running on my Mac.

I found a free product called MAMP that seemed like it might be what I was looking for, but I’m not sure. If I remember correctly, the EasyPHP download was decently small, and this is a 168mb, so I’m wondering if it is more than I need.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

How hard is it to get it up and running, especially for someone that really is not experienced with this stuff? Also, does it include PHPMyAdmin?

Nuke software is best option to go, IMHO. Nuke software a node-based compositor.

I have never used XAMPP on Mac, only on Windows. Here you unzip files and run one batch file. No installation needed. For Mac you find instructions on linked page.
To install XAMPP just do the following:

* Open the DMG-Image.
* Drag'n'Drop the XAMPP folder into your Applications folder.

That’s all. XAMPP is now installed below the /Applications/XAMPP directory.[/I]

Please take a look at my link.

XAMPP is the best way to go, IMHO

I recommend MAMP, which has phpMyAdmin built in. For a nicer mysql UI with better performance, have a look at [url=]Sequel Pro.