AMP version at the following address not work

Hello, My site has an AMP version at the following address and I have difficulties using Google Analytics Indeed, mobile users which arrive on the “computer” version of my site are automatically redirected to the same page in AMP in javascript according to the size of their window (if <700px) This redirection was carried out before the call of the analysis tag of the “computer” site, but the problem I encountered was that I was losing traffic sources. Indeed, whether the visit comes from one channel or another, it will be attributed to my own website as a reference site. How to avoid this situation? (At first I quit the redirection after calling the analysis tag on the “IT” site, but this caused usability problems and counted 2 visitors instead of one on my site!) Thank you very much !

Hi @gameglup and a warm welcome to th SP Forums.

AMP web pages must be validated.

I tried to validate the URL but it is blocked by robots.txt?

Is there a way to create it automatically?
Because in the robots.txt file not blocked
Is AMP it necessary ? And is there a problem if I don’t use it?

It also looks as though the web page is being redirected either by internal PHP script or the .htaccess file. Use this tool to check the redirection:

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Thank you, I canceled the phone page AMP permanently


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