Am I allowed to use my own photos of public shops/restaurants

Hi there,

I am wanting to start a blog about a local airport. Am I allowed to take photos of the airport and use them on my website? It will be focusing on reviews of shops and restaurants so I would like to take photos of these places.


It depends on where you are.
Both with regard to the laws of the country, and who’s land you are on when you take the photo.
Many countries have “Freedom of Panorama”, which put simply means that if you are in a public place (that does not necessarily include privately owned land that’s open to the public) you can take photos and videos as you please.
More on that here:-

With airports, they are likely to be private land, but you should be OK on neighbouring public land or if given permission.


External images are probably fair game. Interior shots is where it would probably get hairy, and permission would most likely be needed.

True, DaveMaxwell said that you just need to ask permission, this is the best and safe way out, freedom is freedom, but people are different and not all known laws, so it is better to ask and everything will be fine. Luck and success :slight_smile:

It’s best to ask permission from the airport officials directly. Even if your blog focuses on reviewing shops and restaurants, some areas might be considered off-limits for security reasons and shouldn’t be photographed.

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