Alternative ways of learning web development

Hello everyone
i’m new to the forums here cause i am interested in learning about
HTML5/CSS/PHP , cause someday i want to build my own websites and make a living out of it, i already bought a book about HTML5 and CSS so i guess that is going the right direction reading it everyday and learning everyday, now i came across some topics. About being a webdeveloper or a designer that are 2 different things but now adays people develope and design i somehow want to do that aswell got a big imagination for designing but i also like to get into coding

So i’m having this question
if i ever get good enough to make money of it will people hire you for your skills and work you done? Or will they hire you if u studied webdevelopment in school



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Real people don’t care about your education.
They will hire you if you have good portfolio and reputation.

Good Luck with your learning!


Ah cool for the fast reply and thank you

Hi SmoothPandA, welcome to the forum

I suggest you get a localhost server going on your computer to work with

They are different areas, but knowing both is a very good thing. Chances are that you will find one more to your liking and that you will be better at one over the other.

It is extremely rare that someone becomes an expert in both areas. For that matter, the technology advances so rapidly it’s hard to keep up even if one specializes.

I guess having a formal education can’t hurt your chances of getting employed much. A problem with school being that by the time a teacher learns something well enough to teach it, that knowledge to greater or lesser extent is already out-of-date. (Same with books. By the time they’re published, they’re already in need of updating)
As I said, the technology advances rapidly.

I imagine a lot depends on what the employer / client wants of you, but I think most here would agree that having a portfolio or some form of examples of your work is more important than having a formal education.

And be prepared to answer questions during an interview.


I am new too. And I come here for learning internet marketing.

Nice to meet you!

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