Alternative Text not Showing

Why does my alternative text show in IE, but not in Firefox or Opera?

Example from my code…

<a href=“thumbs/weekendcrowdthumb.jpg”><img src=“images/weekendcrowd.jpg” width=“375” height=“265” border=“0” alt=“A beautiful day in Atlantic City”></a>

FF does not show that. Unless you have the title attribute set for the link associated, if any.

The alt attribute’s text is supposed to show only if the image doesn’t; it is the alternative to the image. IE gets it wrong. The title attribute is the correct one to use for a tooltip on hover.



Since I cannot depend on that to indicate the contents of my photos, how do I put a caption under each? I have about three photos across, and quite a few down. I had tried to do captions prior, but had absolutely no luck centering them under each photo. Is there a way to do it with CSS?

To display a tooltip on any part of your web page use the title attribute. IE has a bug that copies the alt attribute into the title attribute on images where no title attribute is specified so you need to specify a title attribute on images to fix for that bug anyway.

This is a different issue. It has been discussed several times in the css sub-forum. My offered solution is usually to use inline-block list items. Paul O’B has a demo also.


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