How to assign alt text to a line of text

I know this sounds a little weird, but my customer wants a list of items such that when someone’s mouse hovers over the text alt text shows up. This will be more information about the item that is hovered over. Is this possible? Someone please help. I have a meeting in 2 days.

What you are looking for is the title attribute.

<span title=“text to display when the mouse moves over”>this text</span>
<img title=“text to display when the mouse moves over the image”>

and so on for any tag in the body of your page.

Thanks so much felgall. I will do as you have suggested. Learn something new every day!!

and just so it is mentioned the “alt” attribute is for images:

<img alt="text that describes the image to users that are unable to see it" src="" width="" ... />

…and it isn’t displayed when hovering over the image. Those browsers which do so have a bug.

I thought that it was supposed to be displayed. Well well well