Alignment issue in IE 8

“Newsletter” navigation link is mis-aligned and I cannot determine the cause or solution.

It is correct in FF, Safari and even IE6

Thanks in advance

Hi, try just removing the right margin on the <li>'s (you set one on the anchors anyway) and then just float it :slight_smile:

#nav_box ul li{margin-right:0px;float:left;}

IE6 will fall short to the double float margin bug on the anchors so add display:inline; there :slight_smile:

#nav_box li a:link, #nav_box li a:visited{display:inline;/*IE6 double float margin bug fix*/}

OR you could just simply (isntead of doing all that) just remove the right margin on the <li> (don’t float it either).

THe anchors give the margin anyway so just removing the margin on the <li> will patch up IE8 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help on this one.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: