Ie6 Navigation Problem

Hi there,

Ive run into this annoying problem for ie display…
take a look at the site here

FF is fine of course but ie6 is adding some extra 2px margin to each of the li items which is pushing the contact button out of the wrapper. I think i may also have run into a double margin problem…

Any solutions would be great :slight_smile:

display:inline; added to the offending element will fix the IE6 Double Margin Bug.

#nav li{    
    [COLOR=Blue]float: left;[/COLOR]
    list-style: none;
    line-height: 36px;
    [COLOR=Blue]margin-left: 68px;[/COLOR]
    margin-bottom: 54px;
    [COLOR=Blue]display:inline;/*fix IE6 margin bug*/[/COLOR]

ahh, i kept trying inline-block!!

Silly me.

Thanks for this one :smiley: