Why alexa rank increasing

Hello Everyone,

I am working from about 8 months for one of my clients website. His website Alexa Rank is increased from 100,000 to 583,000 now. The website is global (mainly for USA and all over the world) but I am not understanding why it is happening so. The website has good content, very interesting and optimized blogs and YouTube video but still the ranking is increasing more and more. So I would only like to know what factors are affecting the Alexa and how it can be overcome.


Do the pages pass W3C Validation? Is the page weight low? http://www.sitepoint.com/average-page-weights-increase-32-2013/

Why does the Alexa ranking matter? Surely far more important measures of the success (or otherwise) of the site are the level of traffic it’s attracting and the conversion rate.

Unless you are using the paid version of Alexa, then the ranking will only record visits by people with the Alexa toolbar installed, which is not necessarily a high percentage of your visitors - or a representative sample.

We already have many topics asking about Alexa rankings. Have you read any of them? You might find some helpful information there.

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first check your website analytic from google.identify why for this.check how many visitor comes in your site and how long live in your site.also check the bounce rate of your site.basically i think some one use black hat with your site.that’s why …