Ajax content scroller

I want an ajax content scoller/slider like this
AJAX Scroller

The problem with that
1)it is for joomla only
2)it is mootool based

i want it using jquery/ajax

Are there any such codes/tutorials any where?

thank you

Hi frank1

this will helpful to you http://flowplayer.org/tools/demos/scrollable/plugins/index.html for jquery scrollable


well i have looked into first one…
I could not see ajax enabled one in their 11 demos…
I somehow googled an ajax version but it doesnt seem to work for me
jQuery Scrollable @ jQuery Tools - Scroll your HTML with eye candy

Second one is not the way i want

thank you any way for the help

By the way i think i have found what i am looking for

after digging into pages of google SERP almost for 9 hours…

Testing now hope things will go fine