The absolute simplest jquery slider?

Hey guys, I’m either looking for advice on how to make one, or an open source solution -

I need a slider that will slide divs, and have forward/back controls and work auto on a timer. I don’t need div select controls (to jump to a specific number) and would like as little code as possible. I’m a complete jquery noob, but have implemented sliders in the past. Can anyone recommend something very basic & simple?


This is a nice one:

jCarousel is also nice:

I also like Anything Slider . You can just remove any bits you don’t want.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Even with your restrictions, there are a vast number of available sliders for you to use.

For example, when searching for jquery sliders you when up with a page of results that include:

[list][]13 Super Useful jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials
]25 jQuery Image Gallery/Slider Tutorials and Plugins
[]10 Best jQuery Sliders
]15 Best Examples of Free jQuery Content Sliders
[]28 Useful JQuery Sliders You Need To Download
]27 Awesome jQuery Sliders[/list]

Here’s how they stack up.

13 Super Useful jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials

                               slide divs   forward/back   auto timer   simple code
1. jQuery Tools Scrollable         x              x                          x
1.5. jQuery Tools Autoscroll       x              x             x            x
2. Anything Slider                 x              x             x            x
3. Sliding boxes and captions
4. Making a Content Slider         x              x
5. Creating a Slick Auto-
   Playing Featured Content Slide  x                            x
6. Create Featured Content Slider  x                            x
7. jQuery.scrollTo                 x
8. Moving Boxes                    x              x
9. ImageSwitch                                                               x
10. jCarousel                                     x                          x
11. Using the Wonderful
    jFlow Plugin                                  x                          x
12. Create Beautiful jQuery
    slider tutorial                               x                          x
13. Step By Step To Create Content
    Slider using jFlow,
    A Minimalist jQuery Plugin     x              x                          x

And that’s only for the 13 Super Useful jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials set of sliders. I invite you investigate the other groups of sliders, and show us what you find.

I just replaced my old slider with Nivo and I’m quite happy with it. Very easy to implement and works great, even in IE6.

I’ve bookmarked a lot of sliders, but I categorize them according to how well they degrade if JS is off. The better ones are still accessible (whether you get a scroll bar to scroll through images, or whether you click thumbnails to view the picture on its own page.

When I get a better understanding of keyboard browsing, I’ll also use that criterion to judge them.

I placed Nivo in the reject pile—with most of the others—just because it breaks down with JS off. How much that really matters these days is debatable, I guess.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t degrade well… :stuck_out_tongue: