Affiliate cloaking


About a year go I implemneted some redirection of my affiliate links and then took them out. I’m trying to put them back again but can’t remember the mechanics…

Basically, I have a folder protected by the Robots.txt and in it 3 files: index.php, index.shtml. and redirects.txt. I have no idea what to do with the first two and how to link from the webpage to the hidden folder.

Can you help, please?

Another question; id reliable? I tried it with one link, but unfortunately I have 100s of pages and I expect I would ahve to get 100s of individual redirect files, one for each one


I found the source of the code but still don’t know how to address it from the html. And in the past I did not do anything to .htaccess. Instead there seems to be an index.shtml…


The answer was <a href="/Mysite/subfoldert/index.php?id=Whatever>