What is Add URL Masking/Cloaking in Htaccess?


Actually i want to redirect my url through cloaking and i want to know that how it works in htaccess ?
I want to do when user write some Url and it should open some different Url content …

It’s called ‘URL rewriting’. Search Google for ‘htaccess url rewrite’ and you’ll find tons of tutorials :wink:

Basically, what it does is that you specify rules and, based on those rules, you redirect a URL to a PHP file.

So you could write a rule to redirect all urls that starts with /categories/ to a php file name ‘categories.php’. This PHP file could take what’s in the URL after ‘/categories/’ and find information based on that.

For example, lets say that you have a URL like ‘/categories/shoes’. Apache will ‘redirect’ the URL to your PHP script 'categories.php. This PHP script will be able to extract the ‘shoes’ part. Based on this, it could query a database and display all shoes available on the page.