Advice please

Hi everyone,

I will be developing a website in the near future, but was wondering what to use as it’s e-commerce package… Basically the purpose of the website will be to sell car wheels. Now there won’t be hundreds of products so i was thinking not to use the opensource stuff out there such as Magento, OScommerce, OpenCart to name a few…

What i am intending to use is either google checkout OR paypal. The reason for this is that there will only ever be about 20/30 products at one time. I can therefore create a backend admin system whereby the user can create Google OR Paypal checkout buttons…

My question is, is this good practice? I have done this before, see this website

The add to cart buttons are controlled via the admin in the backend which was fairly easy to set up.

Finally, the product prices will have a maximum value of £1000… So is there a limit on Google OR Paypal in regards to how much you can sell a product for?

Any advice would be much appreciated…


My choice would be Opencart. It seams like you are looking for some simple and easy to manage solution. You can have both google checkout and paypal. Paypal is common and easy to set up.
All your products will be managed in the admin, so you do not need to deal with buttons.

You can check a number of ready opencart templates on our site in case you interested:

I would not use Magento (difficult to manage) and oscommerce is very old and has not been updated in along time.

So the only your requirement is PayPal (or Google Checkout) payment support? Am I right?

Please check this example may be you will need some other features e.g. multi-language or multi-currency, featured products?