Advice for switching from print design for web design needed

Hi everyone!

I’m a print designer debating making the switch to web design. Do you have any tips/tricks/recommendations for making this transition? Are there any common pitfalls to avoid? I’m currently taking a course to learn the basics but I’d like to hear from people in the field.


Hi cookieredd, welcome to the forums,

I’m not a designer so I can’t help much. But I think you’ll find that many of the same “print” basics apply to web design as well. i.e. the aesthetics are the same, but the terminology can be a bit different.

IMHO the major difference is that print is “hard” 2 dimensional while web dimensions and colors depend on what is being used to view the page.

If you have print design experience then you can learn web design quickly because You already know some of it’s tools like Photoshop, Coral Draw etc. In web design you just need to learn HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver.

I recommend that you start out learning Wordpress with some kind of site builder. With your print design skills, you will do well with the switch. Also, read the MOZ blog. That will help you.