Advancing Revolution Slider on Mousewheel event

I would like to understand how to trigger the nextslide() function in the Revolution Slider API from a Jquery block on a wordpress page. I have a slide show with six slides … in addition to being able to advance them with the nav buttons, I’d like to be able to have the mouse wheel also advance my slides.

I gather I need to do this using the API functions, but haven’t been able to find any examples online of binding the nextslide() function to a mousewheel event. Thank you.

I found this article on the Revolution API, but it’s too different from what I’m trying to do to be helpful.

I may be able to just use the scroll event. This would save me using a plugin. All I need is to advance to the next slide when an attempt to scroll has been made … whether this includes a mousewheel scroll, I do not know … but here is the code I tried. You can see what I’m attempting … may need that mousewheel event after all …

var _top = $(window).scrollTop();
var _direction;
var _cur_top = $(window).scrollTop();
if(_top < _cur_top)
_top = _cur_top;


This way technically works, but it has the potential to scroll through the entire deck of slides of you really spin the mousewheel. How would I get it to only advance one slide after each mousewheel scroll?