Mouse-wheel & K/board Up/Down bullet navigation based on data-attribute using jQuery

I’ve a WordPress page that have a slider with pagination and a footer div.

Now, the pagination only contain class pagination & active , and each pagination options have unique data-page value .

May I know how can I make the mouse-wheel, kboard up/down & page-up/down button to navigate through the pagination without any external plugin. Also, when the pagination finish, if the user press down one more time, it will reveal the footer and no active class for the pagination .

Example like this

Anyway, I can’t replicate 100% because the slider is from WordPress plugin, but the codes below are basically what it looks like.

Hi @nzrink1, does it use the same library though? In your pen the following slider library is used:

… which doesn’t seem to provide any options for additional navigation, and also no official API you could use yourself (there are public methods like goToSection(), but as these are not documented anywhere I wouldn’t rely on them).

Do you have a link to the exact plugin your using?

Please ignore the slider library from the codepen demo. I just copy from somewhere else. The main thing that I want to highlight is the pagination is using data-page attribute.

The plugin that I use is Essential Grid , and I already contacted their support and they don’t have any function to make it works with mouse-wheel yet.

Well how to do this (if it is at all possible) entirely depends on the library you’re using – one may allow options or provide an API the other does not.

I’m sorry I can’t help you with your non-free WP plugin, but if the support says it’s not possible then it probably isn’t.

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