Adding twitter feed

OK - probably a straight forward question for alot of you but…

I have to put a client’s twitter feed on their website. Now I can add the widget from the Twitter site, but that only displays the tweets from the user.

What the client wants is to display the latest (eg, last 5) tweets from their entire timeline with the thumbnail picture next to it.

I’ve looked all over but I can’t find any code/script that allows me to do this.

Can anyone help?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Try this.
I always use this widget. I think what you’ve describe is like this widget.

Nope - that’s what I don’t want to add, I want a feed that displays all tweets from the timeline plus their associated thumbnail image.

I think you should not use the widget of Twitter. You should develop yours. :slight_smile:

Nice twitter widget. I have used that one in the past but had lost track of where I had initially found it. Thanks for the share.

Can anyone help with my original request?


A bit of quick Googling came up with this, which lists a couple of jQuery addons that might help with this:


I would like to suggest you go with the link


I think this one is the answer for your query [B][COLOR=#0071d8]Bootfit[/COLOR][/B].

amitrca - thanks for that - I came across SeaOfClouds when I was first looking :slight_smile:

In regards to the SeaOfClouds code - can anyone help me find a way to show exactly what is on my Twitter feed on my website - avatars, mentions, retweets etc - I can’t work out the correct string/query/value etc. Which of the 11 examples given on the site can be best altered to show this?

I’m useless as jQuery - making slow progress, but useless non-the-less.

cheers all.